A caketionary tale..

Have you seen the advertisement where a woman puts her face into a cake when she realises she’s made a big mistake? I know how she feels.

In my glass journey, I always knew that one day I would want to welcome in a bigger brother than my current kiln. He is baby or in more technical jargon a Paragon fusion 16. I can make a maximum of 9 coasters at a time which limits the works I can do and the amount of glass delights that I can offer.

No problem. I have the ideal space for a kiln if I get rid of the washing machine and tumble dryer.

I’ve been waiting for the dishwasher to break so that I could have space in the kitchen for the washing machine. At long last it has!

Mick, my trusty carpenter comes around and sorts it out for me. It is only now that I measure the space that the washing machine and tumble dryer and quite a lot of rubbish will leave and then I measure the new kiln. It’s 2cm too big for the space. It won’t fit.

The studio with Sofa and books

There is only one answer. Get rid of the very comfy but very large arm chair that’s in the studio. Done. Call the electrician to get the fixings sorted who tells me I can’t have it there.  I must put it where I originally wanted it.

Taking a very deep breath I know that a very big studio rearrange is on the cards.  The sofa follows the arm chair, my workbench is moved to a new position and I must empty the book shelves and move them to the back wall and move the shelves currently along the back wall to where the workbench is (keep up) swapping them around to free up this precious 2cm.

I still have to work, hold an open studio event and take the opportunity to redecorate the studio and find a home for all my books – which turns out to be the study.

So, let’s now move onto the study. I get rid of a cupboard, find someone to build a bookcase for me (still waiting) and take the chance to move my desk so I can look out of the window and I  decorate. Meanwhile my house is full of boxes of books and I keep tripping over them. I’m doing the minimum in cleaning because I can’t get to anything and it’s driving me mad.

I also manage to get flu three times and go on holiday and so rather than the anticipated week or so to make the space for the kiln it takes four months plus to find 2 cm’s. Did I mention I’m still waiting for the bookcases to be made?  But job essentially done.

With a great deal of relief, I sit at my desk in the study turn on my computer. I can’t see a thing. The sun comes in the window at just the wrong angle drowning out my computer screen and my desk. Deep breath. I order and put a blind up so I can see the computer but now can’t see out of the window, completely defeating the object of the exercise.

But fear not, worse realisation is to come. I go back to the studio and this time, on the advice of the shop, measure all the dimensions of the space that the kiln is going into to – not just the width. and I realise that if I had rotated the kiln by 90° it will fit perfectly in the space I originally planned to use.

Has anyone got a cake?